Three crowds and a comic

Three nights, three performances. That's a very basic summary of what I can safely call the most jam-packed weekend of my life - from a performance perspective. Wow. OK, so Friday finally saw one of the long-awaited gigs actually come to life. I opened for Carl Joshua Ncube, one of Zimbabwe's foremost comics. I was … Continue reading Three crowds and a comic

What am I doing?

What have you done today? Ask me this when you see me. That is the question I've typed out, printed and posted on my wall. I'm tired of wallowing in my massive dreams and not doing enough to act on them. Writing this puts me in a corner. I'm commiting myself here. I'm back at Rhodes. … Continue reading What am I doing?

Let me just show you

I've got something for you. I want to show you some material for a change. I've been going on a lot of tangents about what I've done and what I'd still like to do as far as performing is concerned. I haven't showed you much. Well... this is exactly that part. Enter. After you, then. No, … Continue reading Let me just show you