Comic movement in full swing

It's as if last term never ended. Fresh from the busiest performance period of my life, this new term (only a week old) has already thrown up three appearances. Straight after my showing at St Mary's Hall Ball last term, I went on an aggressive "Get-me-to-appear-at-your-hall" drive. I hounded a few of my friends from the different dining halls … Continue reading Comic movement in full swing


That was pretty close

So... about my performance the other day... It had a little bit of everything. A freak-out, a crowd on their own mission, an intervention and, somehow, a decent showing. So I arrived at St Mary's Hall semi-ready and buzzing on nervous energy. I wasn't sure how long my set was meant to be so my mind was … Continue reading That was pretty close

Mind the death traps

You have no idea how nervous I am. I'm scared. My next performance comes at the St Mary's Hall ball on Saturday. The stakes are pretty high. I mentioned in a previous post that I'd been approached to do a set for the guests that evening. It rocks that people are starting to notice what … Continue reading Mind the death traps

What am I doing?

What have you done today? Ask me this when you see me. That is the question I've typed out, printed and posted on my wall. I'm tired of wallowing in my massive dreams and not doing enough to act on them. Writing this puts me in a corner. I'm commiting myself here. I'm back at Rhodes. … Continue reading What am I doing?