What am I doing?

What have you done today?

Ask me this when you see me.

That is the question I’ve typed out, printed and posted on my wall.

I’m tired of wallowing in my massive dreams and not doing enough to act on them. Writing this puts me in a corner. I’m commiting myself here.

I’m back at Rhodes. We’re kicking off the third term this week. And I guess this is my way of making sure I’m working all the time. I’ve said I need to be agressive with what I want to achieve (with my comedy).

It’s been a while since I posted here. Forgive me. It’s been rough. Losing my friend last month pushed me further into a self-imposed exile. Besides, exams had us swirling in stress so there wasn’t much else happening.

What haven’t I told you? Geez… where do I start?

OK. Antigone went well. That was our National Arts Festival piece. It’s all been immensely difficult, though. That’s on a personal front. Playing that character (Creon) was taxing. I thrive on a laughing audience – at least every 15 seconds – but not this time. This was a serious character. Ticked off, actually.

I tried as best I could to bring him to life. I learned a lot in the process. Anyway, our performances were on the 3rd, 6th and 9th of July.

I eventually only got back home on the 11th. Didn’t get much of  a break since I had to do vacation work for journalism. I’ll get into that later, it had some highlights.

I even managed to sqeeze in a comedy performance.

My brother called me up early last week and I actually laughed when he explained to me. There was a youth group from Eden Park meeting on Friday evening and comic relief would add an edge to the whole gathering. I think what made me chuckle was that it was a church youth group so it just came as a bit unexpected.

I took it up (nervously). It forced me to churn up some new material, which worked pretty well. I’ll admit I was freaking out for the one bit about church services. I actually got the biggest laugh from it.

Now its on to term 3 at Rhodes.

There are a number of appearances lined up. And I’m dead nervous.

First up is a dining hall ball on the 6th of August. I’ve already signed a “contract of performance” so it’s pretty much cast in stone. After that comes the gig organised by Zim Unlimited and it looks like it’s going to be a massive one. The organisers are talking big (venue and all that).

I’m pushing myself now. There’s no other way, I guess.

So Tyson, What have you done today?

Well… I sat through one of my favourite comedy videos and tried to dissect the humour structure.

The ball’s in my court now – and there’s no slowing it down.

Stay tuned…



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