A tale of Cape Comedy

It's been an intense few months. Nevermind the days. Nevermind the weeks. We recently submitted massive portfolio content as part of our course work so I've been out of it on so many levels - even on this here blog. But I'm back for what I hope will be a more regular set of posts. … Continue reading A tale of Cape Comedy


Best of the worst from YouTube

It's worth your time. Yes, I know the title speaks about "the worst", but I guess I don't want to be the only one chuckling in disbelief. I'm talking about a few YouTube videos I saw. Videos whose popularity owes to their unbelievable ridiculousness. We'll start of with the "Worst Fight Scene Ever". Apparently it's … Continue reading Best of the worst from YouTube

Perfect timing: skits gone viral

It must have been the timing. From a sleepy Wednesday afternoon posting of a pretty old SoundCloud clip to an explosion of sharing and commenting across social media platforms. That's what this skit provoked. I'm pretty chuffed at the response, though. The funny thing is that I made this clip such a long time ago. … Continue reading Perfect timing: skits gone viral

Laughter is not enough anymore

That is probably the wierdest thing you'll see on a supposed comedy blog. But it's the truth. It's become┬ámy┬átruth. OK, Let me explain for a second. I think I've done a lot of growing up, a lot of introspection throughout this year. It's been a wierd one. Comically, I don't feel I've been as strong … Continue reading Laughter is not enough anymore

Small personal milestone reached

It was quite the threshold. I know it might not sound like a big deal when I say that yesterday's freak out was all about a comedy set, but it IS that big a deal to me. It IS something to stand in front of 300 odd people and reveal just how insecure I was … Continue reading Small personal milestone reached