Amazing others, comedy blunders?

There were a couple of "lump in the throat" moments this week. Moments that left me genuinely moved at what unfolded as we sat on stage, taking in the comments and questions from the audience. What I'm talking about is the last (and interactive) segment of "The Most Amazing Other Show". The production, made for … Continue reading Amazing others, comedy blunders?


Three crowds and a comic

Three nights, three performances. That's a very basic summary of what I can safely call the most jam-packed weekend of my life - from a performance perspective. Wow. OK, so Friday finally saw one of the long-awaited gigs actually come to life. I opened for Carl Joshua Ncube, one of Zimbabwe's foremost comics. I was … Continue reading Three crowds and a comic

Spanish serenades, comic escapades

Today I performed a full-on Spanish dance... for a girl. Definitely not the way I expected to start any of my blogs. Comedy, yes. Acting, maybe, but Spanish dancing? Not even I saw that coming. OK, let me explain myself here:┬áNoxi Mafu, a lovely friend of mine, dropped a bombshell on me and told me … Continue reading Spanish serenades, comic escapades

Learning curves as doors open

I'll admit I had no idea how to start this post. There's just so much that's happened and it's a bit of a blur. Ok, here goes: The whole ROAR Comedy thing seems to have gone cold. A week later and I'm no closer to knowing whether or not they considered me after my e-mail … Continue reading Learning curves as doors open