Figments from the Arts Festival

Standing at the entrance to The Village Green, staring at a million posters and thinking: "Which bank am I going to rob?" That, dear reader, is a feeling you'll surely know if you pop into Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. The Village Green is on Rhodes University's Great Field and that's where the stalls, … Continue reading Figments from the Arts Festival


Coming soon: The Asian Sowetan

From Sowetan to Japanese. Quite the transition,eh? I'm making that change, though. I've been fortunate enough to be cast in a fourth term production which will see us exploring Japanese Noh theatre styles of performance. Japanese WHAT, you ask? Noh is a theatrical form unique to Japan. They've been doing it since WAYBACK (I'm talking … Continue reading Coming soon: The Asian Sowetan

Last laugh to the lecturers

Today I woke up in a place that said to me: "All your deadlines are due on the same day." A place where my hand-ins are my hindrance,¬†where my tutorial is my tormentor. Today I woke up... at Rhodes University. What a week! I had the roughest Friday. Four deadlines. Four! Every now and then … Continue reading Last laugh to the lecturers

Caution: Genius passing through

Last night I sat, an inspired tear quivering in my eye, and realized with a shock just how much potential we have in all of us. Pretty bold way to start a post here. Well, that's the aftermath of seeing one of South Africa's most lauded theatre makers for the first time ever. Pieter-Dirk Uys … Continue reading Caution: Genius passing through