Figments from the Arts Festival

Standing at the entrance to The Village Green, staring at a million posters and thinking: "Which bank am I going to rob?" That, dear reader, is a feeling you'll surely know if you pop into Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. The Village Green is on Rhodes University's Great Field and that's where the stalls, … Continue reading Figments from the Arts Festival


Three crowds and a comic

Three nights, three performances. That's a very basic summary of what I can safely call the most jam-packed weekend of my life - from a performance perspective. Wow. OK, so Friday finally saw one of the long-awaited gigs actually come to life. I opened for Carl Joshua Ncube, one of Zimbabwe's foremost comics. I was … Continue reading Three crowds and a comic

Spanish serenades, comic escapades

Today I performed a full-on Spanish dance... for a girl. Definitely not the way I expected to start any of my blogs. Comedy, yes. Acting, maybe, but Spanish dancing? Not even I saw that coming. OK, let me explain myself here:┬áNoxi Mafu, a lovely friend of mine, dropped a bombshell on me and told me … Continue reading Spanish serenades, comic escapades

Learning curves as doors open

I'll admit I had no idea how to start this post. There's just so much that's happened and it's a bit of a blur. Ok, here goes: The whole ROAR Comedy thing seems to have gone cold. A week later and I'm no closer to knowing whether or not they considered me after my e-mail … Continue reading Learning curves as doors open