Let me just show you

I’ve got something for you.

I want to show you some material for a change.

I’ve been going on a lot of tangents about what I’ve done and what I’d still like to do as far as performing is concerned. I haven’t showed you much.

Well… this is exactly that part.


After you, then. No, after YOU… I INSIST… AFTER YOU!!

This first clip is part of the series of skits we recorded for Rhodes Music Radio. This particular one is called “The DP”:



This next (ameteur) video was taken at the Joburg Theatre (the performance mentioned in previous posts):

That snippet was just the beginning, but the whole performance was definitely one of the more memorable sets. It started off on a decent note and kept building from there.

There’s also the Rhodes drama department, which has pretty much held a lot of us hostage for most of the year.

These pics were from “Schmooze” – a devised play about people living in an informal settlement (though our American director, Ford Evanson kept referring to it as “the tented camp” in an awesome accent). Then out of the blue, a globally-known talk show decides to stake out in their vicinity and interact with them:

Tyson Ngubeni & Fezi Mthonti in Schmooze
Cast of Schmooze during talk show scene

The following shot is from our acting exams in the last week of May. It was ensemble work, so we had to put in slave hours to get the group working cohesively. We performed an extract from “Agamemnon”:

Acting ensemble performing "Agamemnon"

So that was a basic dose of what we’ve been up to around here.

It’s a busy time at the moment with exams so things have gone a tad quiet, as I imagine you’ll understand.

I’ll be sure to record more material and share it when I do.

Keep visiting…



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