Loading… Festival of Fame

I'm super excited to take part in this year's Festival of Fame - a Joburg Theatre-led feast of productions aimed at the school going audience. It's underway from 6 until 11 March and I look forward to a newer, fresher retelling of The Dark Ages to young audiences. Let's go! Meanwhile, I was privileged to see my … Continue reading Loading… Festival of Fame


Let me just show you

I've got something for you. I want to show you some material for a change. I've been going on a lot of tangents about what I've done and what I'd still like to do as far as performing is concerned. I haven't showed you much. Well... this is exactly that part. Enter. After you, then. No, … Continue reading Let me just show you

The voice in his head

This is the part where "that voice" is banging around my mind. You might know which one I'm talking about. The one that goes on about how you shouldn't take a chance at something you really want. Usually something related to your biggest dreams. This is that voice which Khaya Dlanga (an awesome columnist) describes as "that … Continue reading The voice in his head

Try making them laugh

This is how I got into comedy. I was in my second year working at IBM when I met Etienne Shardlow. He was working for a different part of the company and a colleague had told me something which immediately sparked intense interest - Etienne was a comedian by night. I had to know more. … Continue reading Try making them laugh