Can I talk to you?

I've finally started talking to audiences. And one of those milestone moments came this past week. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say on a blog dedicated mostly to stand-up comedy, but hey. I'm talking specifically about a state of mind I've long tried to find in performance: finding the same ease … Continue reading Can I talk to you?


Introducing improv rap comedy!

Yes! After months of toying around with the idea, I finally took the leap and introduced improvised rap comedy to my set last night. I've been opening for Sne Dladla in the return of his show The Joke's On You at this year's National Arts Festival and last night was something else. We had a very small … Continue reading Introducing improv rap comedy!

Cracking start to Arts Festival

The National Arts Festival is in full swing in Grahamstown and the first day (2 July) set the tone for what I hope will be an incredible week of the arts. First up for me was Nat Caf improv comedy troupe and our opening show at St Andrew's Studio 1 was a strong start. The … Continue reading Cracking start to Arts Festival

On getting audiences ready for laughter

So, I was working at Rhodes University's Africa Ball this past weekend and what a blast that turned out to be. I'll never stop picking up lessons in this comedy and MCing thing. Saturday night was no exception. A tent erected on the university's Great Field transformed the space, adding formality and extravagance to a … Continue reading On getting audiences ready for laughter

New site design – about time

Finally, a new look! After talking about it quite a while ago, the redesign of is now a reality. Good going, then. Let me know what you think in the comments below! The writing, blogging and general reflections on this web site have been way off the pace for quite some time. Looking forward to a fresh … Continue reading New site design – about time