Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

I've just come back from the third performance of The Dark Ages at this year's National Arts Festival. By far the best of the lot until now. I've been in a bit of a weird head space in the weeks leading up to the festival and this bled into my initial performances for the show … Continue reading Comedy breakthrough at NAF17


Theatre, comedy on a roll

It's a busy start to 2017. Barely a month in and I'm back in the thick of ¬†a rehearsal process for Flat(form) - a platform performance piece we've been cooking up since the latter months of 2016. Platform performance is essentially an entire play that takes place on a tiny platform - in our case … Continue reading Theatre, comedy on a roll

Cracking start to Arts Festival

The National Arts Festival is in full swing in Grahamstown and the first day (2 July) set the tone for what I hope will be an incredible week of the arts. First up for me was Nat Caf improv comedy troupe and our opening show at St Andrew's Studio 1 was a strong start. The … Continue reading Cracking start to Arts Festival

Rekindling the flame: A new audio skit

It's been a long time coming. After an age, I've finally finished a new student-based audio skit (those little nuggets that¬†gathered social media momentum a couple of years ago). Honestly, though, it was recorded more than a year ago and I've only recently had the software to make the necessary cuts and additions. I loved … Continue reading Rekindling the flame: A new audio skit