A song for the moment

Every now and then I get REALLY into the singing thing. As I write this, I'm half-screaming along to a Seal song. And I SO believe I'm nailing it. I don't have the guts to ask for the opinion of the blokes in my corridor. That's not to say that I sound horrible, though. Hey, … Continue reading A song for the moment


Funny forces, awkward baldness

We're starting an army. The ranks of Rhodes comics grows and is making an assault on campus. This past Thursday saw the first open mic night hosted at the Union. A couple of my friends took to the stage, doing stand-up for the first time. I missed most of the acts because of a rehearsal at the drama department but arrived in time to … Continue reading Funny forces, awkward baldness

A massive dream unfolds

I have a not-so-secret lover. We flirt openly in front of crowds, much to their amusement... - or at least I hope. Comedy. What a beaut. This weekend we were entangled on stages, our relationship going one step further. I didn't tell you this, but I've had a deep, secret dream for a while. Saturday's HSS Cultural … Continue reading A massive dream unfolds

Three crowds and a comic

Three nights, three performances. That's a very basic summary of what I can safely call the most jam-packed weekend of my life - from a performance perspective. Wow. OK, so Friday finally saw one of the long-awaited gigs actually come to life. I opened for Carl Joshua Ncube, one of Zimbabwe's foremost comics. I was … Continue reading Three crowds and a comic

Comedy calls again

Jokes seem to lose their edge in those last few minutes before you perform. As you run through the set in your mind, moments before hitting the stage, it all just feels incredibly weak. This is exactly what Lincoln van der Westhuizen pointed out last night as we waited in the wings to be called for … Continue reading Comedy calls again