On getting audiences ready for laughter

So, I was working at Rhodes University's Africa Ball this past weekend and what a blast that turned out to be. I'll never stop picking up lessons in this comedy and MCing thing. Saturday night was no exception. A tent erected on the university's Great Field transformed the space, adding formality and extravagance to a … Continue reading On getting audiences ready for laughter

That winning Mob Feeling

A massive congratulations to Kline Smith and the entire cast of Mob Feel! The piece, submitted to this year's National Arts Festival by the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, was announced as the recipient of the Most Promising Writer and Best Director Award. This was in the student theatre category. I'm really bleak that I didn't … Continue reading That winning Mob Feeling

Figments from the Arts Festival

Standing at the entrance to The Village Green, staring at a million posters and thinking: "Which bank am I going to rob?" That, dear reader, is a feeling you'll surely know if you pop into Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. The Village Green is on Rhodes University's Great Field and that's where the stalls, … Continue reading Figments from the Arts Festival

What am I doing?

What have you done today? Ask me this when you see me. That is the question I've typed out, printed and posted on my wall. I'm tired of wallowing in my massive dreams and not doing enough to act on them. Writing this puts me in a corner. I'm commiting myself here. I'm back at Rhodes. … Continue reading What am I doing?

Learning curves as doors open

I'll admit I had no idea how to start this post. There's just so much that's happened and it's a bit of a blur. Ok, here goes: The whole ROAR Comedy thing seems to have gone cold. A week later and I'm no closer to knowing whether or not they considered me after my e-mail … Continue reading Learning curves as doors open