On getting audiences ready for laughter

So, I was working at Rhodes University's Africa Ball this past weekend and what a blast that turned out to be. I'll never stop picking up lessons in this comedy and MCing thing. Saturday night was no exception. A tent erected on the university's Great Field transformed the space, adding formality and extravagance to a … Continue reading On getting audiences ready for laughter


A date with Michael McIntyre

I wish I could explain how much tonight has meant for me. I wish I could fully describe the surreal out-of-body moments which punctuated the show as I witnessed a masterclass of comedy. Michael McIntyre in the flesh. Purely unbelievable. A huge group of my friends gathered secretly behind my back and schemed to come … Continue reading A date with Michael McIntyre

Comedy cookbook: Simon Evans’s perfect story

Some say comedy is simply storytelling with a thick injection of humour. While it can be all that and more, this next comic is someone who really gives justice to that phrase. I give you: Simon Evans! Welcome back to the Comedy cookbook - a mini series on this blog which looks at the factors … Continue reading Comedy cookbook: Simon Evans’s perfect story

Comedy cookbook: Jimeoin’s masterful simplicity

It was all-the-sweeter because I'd never heard of him. I'd never came across his strangely-spelled name. Never even dared to look into Irish comics. But when a friend sat me down to watch a set by Jimeoin (pronunciation┬ásounds like you're saying "Jim Owen" really fast), I was just blown away. Welcome back to the Comedy … Continue reading Comedy cookbook: Jimeoin’s masterful simplicity