Fest frenzy again

It was a great week at the National Arts Festival again.

Lambs to the Laughter was back with another crafty cast of comics interchanging with each of our six shows and it was loads of fun.

We started off with a bang, hosting Nina Hastie, Lazola Gola and Claudine Ullman in our very first show. My good friend Kate Pinchuck and I had a total blast in each of our outings.


This year’s show was under Fest super-producer Siv Ngesi’s wing, so we shared marketing collateral with the likes of Tats Nkonzo, Laz Gola, Robby Collins, Khanyisa Bunu, Mojak Lehoko and Mo Mothebe.

Fest is always demanding. It’s a relentless week of non-stop performances, with each audience deserving of nothing less than your very best.

Siv Ngesi Presents

By the time we were into the final three days, I could feel my body starting to need that breather. But it was still a rewarding week, still great to reap the rewards of a sustained stint on the stand-up stages.


Unlike previous years, we were given Library Hall as a performance venue and, to my pleasant surprise, it actually turned out quite well. I still prefer the raked seating setup where most of the audience is either eye-level or slightly higher.

But it was a great week overall. Also, it’s always good to be back on Makhanda.

On to more new ventures!

– Tyson


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