‘The truth is funny’: the audacity of honest writing

So I'm finally getting around to reading 'Truth in Comedy: The manual of improvisation' (Charna Halpern, Del Close & Kim Johnson). I started reading it last week and am loving it. It's a book widely cited by comedy lovers the world over and I've been so curious about it. While I'm reminded so much about … Continue reading ‘The truth is funny’: the audacity of honest writing


Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

I've just come back from the third performance of The Dark Ages at this year's National Arts Festival. By far the best of the lot until now. I've been in a bit of a weird head space in the weeks leading up to the festival and this bled into my initial performances for the show … Continue reading Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

When reimagination just clicks

Of the many forms of creativity, I'm particularly attracted to reimagining what we see everyday or specific elements of popular culture. While many of the world's top comedians are masters at reproducing and subverting cultural norms, I found a brilliant recent example from rapper Action Bronson, whose music video for his song Baby Blue pays great homage to Eddie … Continue reading When reimagination just clicks

A trickle of dignity

Today, my pride was held hostage. Just to explain: The flu is macking on me. Sitting in a meeting with bigwigs from one of SA's top companies, a rogue snot droplet decided to saunter down my left nostril. I had no tissue. The boardroom was too quiet to sneak the sniff which would have banished … Continue reading A trickle of dignity