Theatre, comedy on a roll

It’s a busy start to 2017.

Barely a month in and I’m back in the thick of  a rehearsal process for Flat(form) – a platform performance piece we’ve been cooking up since the latter months of 2016.

Platform performance is essentially an entire play that takes place on a tiny platform – in our case it’s five actors crammed onto roughly a 1.8m x 1m rectangular space. We use our shifting bodies to create interesting and dynamic images and the play will be around an hour long.

Flat(form) cast (from left): Kirsten Stewart, Tyson Ngubeni, Star Anka, Nicole Anthony and Sabelo Ndumo (Pic: Sara Garrun).

It’s been creatively rewarding and also taxing, but I’m enjoying it and learning from it, which is cool. Tristan Jacobs directs the piece and this is our first creative collaboration since Japanese Noh theatre-inspired Hanamichi in 2012.

Behind the scenes of the Flat(form) promo shoot. (Pic: Tristan Jacobs).

Since we perform in about a month, I haven’t spent as much time on the comedy circuit as I did at the tail end of last year. As I juggle more creative commitments, I have no intention on turning my back on Kitchener’s New Material Nights, The Box Comedy at POPArt Theatre and even more.

I’ve also been grappling with a concept for a brand new comedy show, possibly to debut at this year’s National Arts Festival in June/July. Will keep you posted on that.

There are also a couple of really exciting comedy and acting developments that I’ll keep you in the loop on over the coming weeks.

Judging from the busy start, this may just be a creatively rewarding year.

Stay tuned…



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