Theatre, comedy on a roll

It's a busy start to 2017. Barely a month in and I'm back in the thick of  a rehearsal process for Flat(form) - a platform performance piece we've been cooking up since the latter months of 2016. Platform performance is essentially an entire play that takes place on a tiny platform - in our case … Continue reading Theatre, comedy on a roll


Lessons, laughter from Mojak Lehoko

I just came back from a live comedy show and I'm buzzing - even though it didn't involve stage time. Tonight I watched Mojak Lehoko in action. Razor-sharp wit, calm stage demeanour and a genuinely entertaining 70 odd minutes in his special How Did I Get Here? Staged at the POPArt Theatre in Joburg's Maboneng Precinct … Continue reading Lessons, laughter from Mojak Lehoko

Chosen for Comedy Central competition

One buzz of my phone morphed this week into one massive build-up. At around 18:00 tonight, I got an SMS telling me I'd been chosen as one of two comics going head-to-head THIS WEEKEND for a spot in the next round of Comedy Central Africa's amateur stand-up comedy competition. Huge. Just unbelievably massive. The past week hadn't … Continue reading Chosen for Comedy Central competition