Loading… Festival of Fame

I'm super excited to take part in this year's Festival of Fame - a Joburg Theatre-led feast of productions aimed at the school going audience. It's underway from 6 until 11 March and I look forward to a newer, fresher retelling of The Dark Ages to young audiences. Let's go! Meanwhile, I was privileged to see my … Continue reading Loading… Festival of Fame


Introducing improv rap comedy!

Yes! After months of toying around with the idea, I finally took the leap and introduced improvised rap comedy to my set last night. I've been opening for Sne Dladla in the return of his show The Joke's On You at this year's National Arts Festival and last night was something else. We had a very small … Continue reading Introducing improv rap comedy!

Rekindling the flame: A new audio skit

It's been a long time coming. After an age, I've finally finished a new student-based audio skit (those little nuggets that gathered social media momentum a couple of years ago). Honestly, though, it was recorded more than a year ago and I've only recently had the software to make the necessary cuts and additions. I loved … Continue reading Rekindling the flame: A new audio skit