This is not a Harlem Shake

No ways. Not in the slightest. Not by a long shot. This is not a Harlem Shake. I'm angry. For the past week, Twitter and YouTube have been abuzz with all things Harlem and all things Shakey. I clicked on one of the MANY links about the craze and this is basically what it's all … Continue reading This is not a Harlem Shake


Comedy calls again

Jokes seem to lose their edge in those last few minutes before you perform. As you run through the set in your mind, moments before hitting the stage, it all just feels incredibly weak. This is exactly what Lincoln van der Westhuizen pointed out last night as we waited in the wings to be called for … Continue reading Comedy calls again

Spanish serenades, comic escapades

Today I performed a full-on Spanish dance... for a girl. Definitely not the way I expected to start any of my blogs. Comedy, yes. Acting, maybe, but Spanish dancing? Not even I saw that coming. OK, let me explain myself here: Noxi Mafu, a lovely friend of mine, dropped a bombshell on me and told me … Continue reading Spanish serenades, comic escapades

The voice in his head

This is the part where "that voice" is banging around my mind. You might know which one I'm talking about. The one that goes on about how you shouldn't take a chance at something you really want. Usually something related to your biggest dreams. This is that voice which Khaya Dlanga (an awesome columnist) describes as "that … Continue reading The voice in his head