So this guy walks into a university

Did I tell you I quit a pretty decent job? Well, I did. After two-and-a-half years at IBM, I decided I'd be happier walking to school everyday than driving my favourite car to work. I was THIS [] close to a brand spanking new Mazda 3. Rhodes University accepted me, so I figured I'd give … Continue reading So this guy walks into a university


Try making them laugh

This is how I got into comedy. I was in my second year working at IBM when I met Etienne Shardlow. He was working for a different part of the company and a colleague had told me something which immediately sparked intense interest - Etienne was a comedian by night. I had to know more. … Continue reading Try making them laugh

An entertainer finding himself

I am not normal. I've accepted this. It's taken years of arguing with myself (often audibly) for me to come to that conclusion. I struggle to "take things seriously". I need toΒ play. You know that guy who's always got the most random twists to situations and crazy comments? - I see myself in him. Bless … Continue reading An entertainer finding himself