This is not a Harlem Shake

No ways.

Not in the slightest. Not by a long shot.

This is not a Harlem Shake. I’m angry.

For the past week, Twitter and YouTube have been abuzz with all things Harlem and all things Shakey.

I clicked on one of the MANY links about the craze and this is basically what it’s all about:


A bunch of people all sitting still. The song comes on. The beat drops. Everybody jiggles wildly and its all a barrel of laughs.


I know it’s fun and crazy and viral, but I was genuinely ticked off when I finally saw the video. I went into radical activist mode and started harping off about it being a mockery of the original, nuanced, rhythmic version of the Harlem Shake which came from hip hop.

Is this an indication of my age? Am I becoming the quintessential “this-is-not-how-it-was-done-in-my-day” kinda guy? Or am I just having an emotional response to a cultural aspect that’s been torn to shreds in this re-imagined version of an iconic dance?

I just wish they had gone with another name for the new viral sensation because it’s not what they say it is.

Check out the following video. They even TEACH you how to do the real deal I mentioned earlier.

I’m talking about this one here (you can skip to 2:30 to see the dance):


See? The shoulders? The rhythm in all of it?

This is my first post in quite a while and I apologise. Things have been on the hectic side since my return to Rhodes for this fourth and final year.

I’m studying New Media as my journalism specialisation and loving it. Although things are quite rough.

Already had an appearance as MC for RUJamming (a contest which pits residences against each other in a serenading extravaganza).

On the cards is an appearance at our hall’s welcome dinner on Tuesday.

I’ll be in touch.

Stay tuned…



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