One does not simply forget this

Priceless. That's the simplest way to describe the experience at the HSS Cultural Show this weekend. I can't think of any other place that would grant me a shot at hosting an event on such a grand scale. A huge thanks, then to the organising committee! Last year's experience was already a huge deal but … Continue reading One does not simply forget this

On to the next one

The work just rolls on. It's that time of the year when just about everyone has a formal event. Societies gather to elect new committees, hall balls aplenty and leavers' dinners are being munched all over the place. All of these, of course, demand some form of constant entertainment. Cue the opportunities for MC work. … Continue reading On to the next one

A massive dream unfolds

I have a not-so-secret lover. We flirt openly in front of crowds, much to their amusement... - or at least I hope. Comedy. What a beaut. This weekend we were entangled on stages, our relationship going one step further. I didn't tell you this, but I've had a deep, secret dream for a while. Saturday's HSS Cultural … Continue reading A massive dream unfolds