Small personal milestone reached

It was quite the threshold.

I know it might not sound like a big deal when I say that yesterday’s freak out was all about a comedy set, but it IS that big a deal to me.

An earlier performance at Rhodes University

It IS something to stand in front of 300 odd people and reveal just how insecure I was about the age thing when I got here. To bear all for the world to see.

The fact that I spent three years in the workplace meant that I got to Rhodes with different expectations, unique fears and a definite sense of what-if-I-don’t-fit-in-here.

On I went last night at the Kimberly West Hall leavers dinner.

On I went about the age thing. And it seemed to work. I hadn’t relied on my traditional route of full-on character stuff and physical comedy. It was largely spoken.

The beginning of the set was just me going on about the [extreme] extent of my dark complexion. That landed better than expected.

Then came the extended bit about me being 24 and stuff. Something which, at the start of my time here, I wouldn’t have been comfortable speaking about with just anyone.

It may not have been a completely mindblowing performance (I’ll give it a 71% rating), but it was a personal milestone. One I’m glad to have reached.

I’ve turned the lens inwards and the comedy is a bit more introspective now. I’d imagine that it might take a while to find my feet with this particular style, but I’m looking forward to it.

I am, after all, trying to find my true voice as a comic.

Lots lined up on the performance side.

Stay tuned…



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