Back on the trail

It's been an absolute whirlwind! Now that we've vanquished technical issues, this website and blog is firing again and I'm so excited to keep you in the loop of all and everything. I've been back on the Johannesburg comedy circuit moulding and crafting new material and it's been incredibly positive for the past few months. … Continue reading Back on the trail


Perfect timing: skits gone viral

It must have been the timing. From a sleepy Wednesday afternoon posting of a pretty old SoundCloud clip to an explosion of sharing and commenting across social media platforms. That's what this skit provoked. I'm pretty chuffed at the response, though. The funny thing is that I made this clip such a long time ago. … Continue reading Perfect timing: skits gone viral

Laughter is not enough anymore

That is probably the wierdest thing you'll see on a supposed comedy blog. But it's the truth. It's become┬ámy┬átruth. OK, Let me explain for a second. I think I've done a lot of growing up, a lot of introspection throughout this year. It's been a wierd one. Comically, I don't feel I've been as strong … Continue reading Laughter is not enough anymore