Best of the worst from YouTube

It’s worth your time.

Yes, I know the title speaks about “the worst”, but I guess I don’t want to be the only one chuckling in disbelief. I’m talking about a few YouTube videos I saw.

Videos whose popularity owes to their unbelievable ridiculousness.

We’ll start of with the “Worst Fight Scene Ever”. Apparently it’s from Star Trek, wayback.

Now, I understand special effects and costumes weren’t exactly all that, but it’s just the pedestrian nature of this scene that’s jaw-dropping.

The video description has just two words: “It’s intense”:


Now, death in a movie is supposed to be dramatic. Maybe grim, maybe gripping in its graphicness. Not this time. Take a look at these movie deaths.

My goodness, it gets better (for lack of another word) as the clip goes on:


Informercials can be cheesy. Some of these are top of the pile in that regard. There’s even a very cheeky sexual reference in one of them:


How ridiculous is that chair!?

Anyway, I’ll be back with a little more on the personal front.

Stay tuned…



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