Perfect timing: skits gone viral

It must have been the timing.

From a sleepy Wednesday afternoon posting of a pretty old SoundCloud clip to an explosion of sharing and commenting across social media platforms.

That’s what this skit provoked. I’m pretty chuffed at the response, though.

Spread the word: One of the exam-themed Soundcloud clips has gone viral

The funny thing is that I made this clip such a long time ago. But the fact that it’s a play on exams at Rhodes, that’s what I think made people find the connection a touch easier.

This is it right here:

Within eight hours of sharing, it attracted over 1000 hits and, as things stand (just over a day later), my page (which had a meagre 23 visits) is now at over 3150 views.

It does make me wanna go back and start punching out more of these. The process is always long, but incredibly fun.

I know 3000 plays might not be stellar in some parts, but for a student body of  around 7000, we could say it’s fairly viral, eh?

The news and notification feeds are loaded with comments and shares.


Then I got a message from a University of Cape Town student who told me that one of the other clips had also spiked interest that side.

This is it:

Really? Cape Town? 

I’ll take that, thanks!

I also got a tweet from a mate from res who used to be at Wits and apparently a few people on that side have caught on too. Wow.

Things have been pretty hectic this side, being the last week of term and all. Exams loom on the horizon.

Will keep you in the loop when anything develops on the personal or comedy front.

Stay tuned…



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