Comedy cookbook: Jimeoin’s masterful simplicity

It was all-the-sweeter because I'd never heard of him. I'd never came across his strangely-spelled name. Never even dared to look into Irish comics. But when a friend sat me down to watch a set by Jimeoin (pronunciation sounds like you're saying "Jim Owen" really fast), I was just blown away. Welcome back to the Comedy … Continue reading Comedy cookbook: Jimeoin’s masterful simplicity


Best of the worst from YouTube

It's worth your time. Yes, I know the title speaks about "the worst", but I guess I don't want to be the only one chuckling in disbelief. I'm talking about a few YouTube videos I saw. Videos whose popularity owes to their unbelievable ridiculousness. We'll start of with the "Worst Fight Scene Ever". Apparently it's … Continue reading Best of the worst from YouTube

Perfect timing: skits gone viral

It must have been the timing. From a sleepy Wednesday afternoon posting of a pretty old SoundCloud clip to an explosion of sharing and commenting across social media platforms. That's what this skit provoked. I'm pretty chuffed at the response, though. The funny thing is that I made this clip such a long time ago. … Continue reading Perfect timing: skits gone viral

Laughter is not enough anymore

That is probably the wierdest thing you'll see on a supposed comedy blog. But it's the truth. It's become my truth. OK, Let me explain for a second. I think I've done a lot of growing up, a lot of introspection throughout this year. It's been a wierd one. Comically, I don't feel I've been as strong … Continue reading Laughter is not enough anymore

My awkward childhood: chubby chuckles

I was a chubby kid. And I loved it. Well, I loved my childhood. I didn't exactly dwell on the chubbiness too much. Though once in a while, I'd look in the mirror, clutch a love handle, then walk curiously to my mother and ask if I was fat. "No, lollipop," [my mom called me … Continue reading My awkward childhood: chubby chuckles