A tale of Cape Comedy

It’s been an intense few months.

Nevermind the days. Nevermind the weeks.

We recently submitted massive portfolio content as part of our course work so I’ve been out of it on so many levels – even on this here blog.

But I’m back for what I hope will be a more regular set of posts.

During the short September break, I went to see my sister down in Cape Town and – in true newcomer style – managed a spot at one of their top comedy rooms down there: Jou Ma Se Comedy Club!

It was always going to be scary.

Again, the learning experience was priceless. And that’s something that always gets to me.

Some of Cape Town's top acts featured on the JMSCC roster on 5 September
Some of Cape Town’s top acts featured on the JMSCC roster on 5 September

I was told to arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. I made it with seconds to spare.

Of the names on the line-up that night, Schalk Bezuidenhout was one I was keen on seeing, having read so much and followed his steady rise from afar. He recently scooped the Comic’s Choice Award for best newcomer this year.

The effervescent Martin Davis justified his standing as host with a commanding display of quick wit and a direct, in-your-face style of humour. Punchy stuff.

Fellow open-micer Khanyiso Kenqua was immense. We spent quite a while chatting before showtime and I immediately realised just how hard this man works on the Cape Town circuit. His set was really on-the-ball and he coaxed some big laughs from that crowd.

As I sat from moment of arrival, through the interval and into the final seconds before being called up, I had already gathered the cosmopolitan nature of this crowd.

Age-wise, it was kinda mature, I guess. A lot of people in their thirties, I would say, and the room had a “grown” feel. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, Martin called me up and I took the short jog to the stage and soaked in the glare of the spotlight as I yanked the mic free from the stand.

“Hello everyone at Jou Ma Se Comedy Club!” I yelled gleefully.

Lukewarm response.

I tried the same phrase again, a notch higher in my energy.

Same lukewarm response.

“This isn’t going to be that kind of crowd” 

It became immediately clear that my off-the-cuff explosion of high energy wasn’t necessarily going to fly in every setting. Mental note taken.

Not singing: Under the glare of the spotlight at JMSCC on 5 September
Not singing: Under the glare of the spotlight at JMSCC on 5 September

I eventually launched into my routine without too much thought into that opening and was surprised by how quick it went. The response was positive, overall.

Not mindblowing, but positive.

Organisers were chuffed all round and invited me to return when I go back to the city.

Awesome stuff!

The headline act that night was Dylan Skews. A juggernaut of really quirky stories and a coolly delivered set by one of Cape Town’s pros. I even bumped into Siv Ngesi, Kagiso “KG” Mokgadi and Brendon Peel.

Stuart Taylor was lounging around at the end of the show as well. Cape Town comedy’s finest all in the same building.

Meanwhile, we returned to Rhodes on 9 September and it’s been all work. Not sure if I’ll be making an appearance at our final ever Leavers’ Dinner this week, but will keep you posted.

So much on the horizon

We live and learn.

Stay tuned…

– Tyson





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