Pieces of my shattered confidence

It was a night of struggle that will never be forgotten. Ladies and gentlemen, I can now loudly declare that I had my first true taste of dying here at Rhodes. I died so horribly at Champs last Thursday. Before we get into speculation about supernatural blog posting, let me just hint to the few … Continue reading Pieces of my shattered confidence


Figments from the Arts Festival

Standing at the entrance to The Village Green, staring at a million posters and thinking: "Which bank am I going to rob?" That, dear reader, is a feeling you'll surely know if you pop into Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. The Village Green is on Rhodes University's Great Field and that's where the stalls, … Continue reading Figments from the Arts Festival

Coming soon: The Asian Sowetan

From Sowetan to Japanese. Quite the transition,eh? I'm making that change, though. I've been fortunate enough to be cast in a fourth term production which will see us exploring Japanese Noh theatre styles of performance. Japanese WHAT, you ask? Noh is a theatrical form unique to Japan. They've been doing it since WAYBACK (I'm talking … Continue reading Coming soon: The Asian Sowetan

Hustled: My scream for ice-cream

So I'm walking up High Street, in the company of a rather gorgeous lass. That she is gorgeous has little to do with this post. The main facts in this are: I was in her company, I had no cash on me and, critically: I held a perfectly chilled cup of ice-cream. Everything I am … Continue reading Hustled: My scream for ice-cream

Comedy calls again

Jokes seem to lose their edge in those last few minutes before you perform. As you run through the set in your mind, moments before hitting the stage, it all just feels incredibly weak. This is exactly what Lincoln van der Westhuizen pointed out last night as we waited in the wings to be called for … Continue reading Comedy calls again