Loading… Festival of Fame

I'm super excited to take part in this year's Festival of Fame - a Joburg Theatre-led feast of productions aimed at the school going audience. It's underway from 6 until 11 March and I look forward to a newer, fresher retelling of The Dark Ages to young audiences. Let's go! Meanwhile, I was privileged to see my … Continue reading Loading… Festival of Fame

Finding my voice again

It's 2018; the first month is basically over and anything can happen in 2018. I'm very optimistic about the way the year can turn out and I've dived head first into a lot of voice work, with theatre and comedy soon to follow suit. In the meantime, voice work has dominated and I've started working … Continue reading Finding my voice again

Snippets from the Arts Festival

The National Arts Festival is always such a jam and creatively rewarding. This year's run of The Dark Ages featured nine performances and, as ever, the insights from each of them was invaluable. Much love to Cue Media for the coverage of the antics during this year's run of The Dark Ages. Check out the review article here and I've … Continue reading Snippets from the Arts Festival

Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

I've just come back from the third performance of The Dark Ages at this year's National Arts Festival. By far the best of the lot until now. I've been in a bit of a weird head space in the weeks leading up to the festival and this bled into my initial performances for the show … Continue reading Comedy breakthrough at NAF17