Finding my voice again

It’s 2018; the first month is basically over and anything can happen in 2018.

I’m very optimistic about the way the year can turn out and I’ve dived head first into a lot of voice work, with theatre and comedy soon to follow suit.

In the meantime, voice work has dominated and I’ve started working on some pretty cool characters for the English dubbed dramas on Zee World.

Since this year has started off with more frequent visits to the booth, I can feel myself getting a clearer grip on this performance form and I’m loving it.

Voice over
I’ve been bursting into various characters for numerous Zee World drama series.

While working at an agency last year, I got to dabble in some pretty cool voice ads as well and I’m keen for more.

On the comedy front, the targets remain: get in to the weekday gigs; stay consistent and keep the trajectory facing upwards.

Stay tuned…



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