A giant leap for Rhodes comedy

It was a genuine goosebumps moment. A friend posted a picture to my Facebook wall last week and, when I saw it the next morning I was simply stunned. Nat Caf had their first show of the year as part of Rhodes University's Orientation Week (O-week) for the new batch of first years and, the … Continue reading A giant leap for Rhodes comedy

Curtain call on Rhodes comedy

In the end it was a fitting finale to a period of sustained growth as a Rhodes student. Powerful, bittersweet moments that will linger in the memory for a long time to come. First up was the Nat Caf finale on 22 October. Unbelievable. A journey that started two years ago reached its conclusion for … Continue reading Curtain call on Rhodes comedy

A tale of Cape Comedy

It's been an intense few months. Nevermind the days. Nevermind the weeks. We recently submitted massive portfolio content as part of our course work so I've been out of it on so many levels - even on this here blog. But I'm back for what I hope will be a more regular set of posts. … Continue reading A tale of Cape Comedy

What went down at Comedy Central

What a whirlwind of a week. What began with the most surprising of SMSes, culminated in a showing at the POPArt Theatre in the heart of Joburg as Comedy Central Africa's competition beckoned. Most of the week was punctuated by short bursts of intense fear as I explained to people exactly what I meant with … Continue reading What went down at Comedy Central

Where in the world am I?

It's never supposed to be this long. I should never be staying away from this blog for so long. It's been an immensely taxing few months. No time whatsoever. Just nothing. I'm hoping that changes, though. SO much has happened and I want to fill you in when I get to the next set of … Continue reading Where in the world am I?