Comedy Central: Final lowdown

I've never been this happy to lose. Ever. It's a week later and still, the events at Comedy Central's Open Spot competition stir a blend of pride, wonder and the classic "shoulda, woulda coulda" -all in a good sense, though. The finals brought all nine contestants back to the POPArt Theatre in Joburg on 2 … Continue reading Comedy Central: Final lowdown


What went down at Comedy Central

What a whirlwind of a week. What began with the most surprising of SMSes, culminated in a showing at the POPArt Theatre in the heart of Joburg as Comedy Central Africa's competition beckoned. Most of the week was punctuated by short bursts of intense fear as I explained to people exactly what I meant with … Continue reading What went down at Comedy Central

Chosen for Comedy Central competition

One buzz of my phone morphed this week into one massive build-up. At around 18:00 tonight, I got an SMS telling me I'd been chosen as one of two comics going head-to-head THIS WEEKEND for a spot in the next round of Comedy Central Africa's amateur stand-up comedy competition. Huge. Just unbelievably massive. The past week hadn't … Continue reading Chosen for Comedy Central competition