Curtain call on Rhodes comedy

In the end it was a fitting finale to a period of sustained growth as a Rhodes student.

Powerful, bittersweet moments that will linger in the memory for a long time to come.

First up was the Nat Caf finale on 22 October.

Unbelievable. A journey that started two years ago reached its conclusion for a number of us and our final performance was at Olde 65 instead of the usual spot at the Union bar.

Still, people came out in numbers and we had great fun as always.

Nat Caf has been incredibly crucial to my development as a performer and student of the craft. I really hope it continues to grow to new heights in the years to come – and I’m sure the folks remaining will make sure of that.

Here’s one of our hit games that night – one which pitted the improv troupe against audience members:


Last one ever

Friday was to be my very last performance as a Rhodes student – an engagement as MC at the Pharmacy Faculty Roche leavers’ dinner.

Hosting the Pharmacy Faculty Roche leavers' dinner
Hosting the Pharmacy Faculty Roche leavers’ dinner

Packed with nostalgic final-year pharmacy students, the cosy venue at Kingswood College filled quickly and it was once again a chance to deliver some of the memorable Rhodes character parodies to this fantastic audience.

The Pharmacy Faculty is responsible for a few of the characters I have imitated over the years when discussing exam venues at the university.

One of them arrived seconds after I had imitated him and looked baffled as the audience exploded in applause and cheers when he walked in.

Roche Pharmacy Faculty Leavers Dinner 9

The rest of the night included the odd joke here and there and I found myself looking back at what has been an unbelievable time working at so many events across campus since I stuck my hand out as a comedian a few years ago.

A dream fulfilled.

Stay tuned…



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