Last laugh to the lecturers

Today I woke up in a place that said to me: “All your deadlines are due on the same day.”

A place where my hand-ins are my hindrance, where my tutorial is my tormentor.

Today I woke up… at Rhodes University.

What a week!

I had the roughest Friday. Four deadlines. Four!

Every now and then we (the students) are convinced that the lecturers get together for a drink or two, plan the way forward and then – after a series of cocktails brewed by some chemistry professor – they all cackle madly and devise a flurry of assignments due for the same day.

All that probably happens with a shutter of lightning scorching the night sky.

That’s the only logical explanation, right?

Anyway, I made it through the week somehow. Third year is basically a crash-course in time management. One glance at your watch and you’re knee-deep in work.

My two majors have got to be the most demanding. I spend a lot more hours at the drama department than I do in my own res.

Then there’s my other subject. Remember, kids: To study journalism is to sacrifice yourself at the altar of the Africa Media Matrix.

At least that’s the story when you’re at Rhodes.

In the meantime, I had been asked to come through last week to host the naming ceremony of what was formerly “New Res 2” (sounds like a sequel to a movie, hey?). The new name is Rosa Parks House.

Tyson as MC at Rosa Parks House

That went alright. I was incredibly intimidated by members of the university‘s upper echelons who were in attendance. Dr Badat (the Vice-Chancellor), Dr Sizwe Mabizela (his deputy), Dr Vivian de Klerk (Dean of Students) and other folk from the university’s management. It was a short, formal do and I managed to squeeze in the odd joke – some of which were on the spot.

The plaque is revealed at Rosa Parks House

On the comedy side of things: This was a bitter week. I was set to perform at the Kimberly East Hall welcome dinner. It was set for Tuesday. This was supposed to be my first stand-up appearance this year.

I was completely floored when a scheduling conflict with one of the drama pieces meant that I had to pull out of the event. Horrible stuff.

I still feel a pang of guilt every time I think about it.

I feel bad because my withdrawal made Callie Thomson look bad. Callie is the sweetest of ladies and the Hall Head Student for Kimberly East. She was the main organiser and she doesn’t know that I’m working on quite a big gesture of apology.

On the horizon is a performance at the opening function for BotSoc (Botswana Society). I’m still waiting for details on that one, but it should be the first opportunity to try out some new material. There are quite a few jokes from the holidays which haven’t seen stage time. Nervy stuff.

Let’s hope the lecturers aren’t the only ones laughing at the end it.

Stay tuned…



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