Hustled: My scream for ice-cream

So I'm walking up High Street, in the company of a rather gorgeous lass. That she is gorgeous has little to do with this post. The main facts in this are: I was in her company, I had no cash on me and, critically: I held a perfectly chilled cup of ice-cream. Everything I am … Continue reading Hustled: My scream for ice-cream

Seven hands of nervousness

A quick glance at the watch shows the time to be three minutes past seven. In the dark recess behind a growing audience at the Union Bar, seven hands extend and pile up in a hybrid knot. Hands belonging to an anxious collective of performers, each donning identical blue t-shirts. “On three,” he says.  Sure … Continue reading Seven hands of nervousness

Caution: Genius passing through

Last night I sat, an inspired tear quivering in my eye, and realized with a shock just how much potential we have in all of us. Pretty bold way to start a post here. Well, that's the aftermath of seeing one of South Africa's most lauded theatre makers for the first time ever. Pieter-Dirk Uys … Continue reading Caution: Genius passing through

Amazing others, comedy blunders?

There were a couple of "lump in the throat" moments this week. Moments that left me genuinely moved at what unfolded as we sat on stage, taking in the comments and questions from the audience. What I'm talking about is the last (and interactive) segment of "The Most Amazing Other Show". The production, made for … Continue reading Amazing others, comedy blunders?

Mack the night

This post is a first of its kind, for many reasons. I've never written anything here in the hours leading up to a performance of any sort. This time I am. In about an hour-and-a-half, I'll be trudging down-campus to host this year's version of the SRC Jazz Evening. Yes, I'm back at Rhodes again. … Continue reading Mack the night