Mack the night

Pure Crazy: Tyson Ngubeni

This post is a first of its kind, for many reasons.

I’ve never written anything here in the hours leading up to a performance of any sort.

This time I am.

In about an hour-and-a-half, I’ll be trudging down-campus to host this year’s version of the SRC Jazz Evening. Yes, I’m back at Rhodes again. Yes, I apologize for not having posted in so long. Yes, I’m a nervous as heck.

Tonight’s event is for the first years and some of their parents who are still in town. A “meet and greet” affair punctuated by the sound of music in the evening air.

I don’t expect to be able to hold down a solid comedy set. Attention is usually so scattered in this event and not even the moonwalking ghost of Michael Jackson would draw everyone into the tent (where the musicians would be).


That doesn’t mean I’m not itching to try out some new material. Maybe I’ll make those kinds of moves while the freshmen get their mack on. That’s pretty much what goes on at the Jazz evening. A nice setting to “work your game” as it were. Basically, a chance to meet   people of interest.

I’ve been back on campus for about a week now, working with an interesting group on a drama department production called “The Most Amazing Other Show”: A production looking at themes of race, sexuality and the whole shebang that a first year is going to encounter during their time at Rhodes.

That show runs for the whole of this week, starting tomorrow. Preparing for it has been pretty intense. Working from 9AM all the way to 5PM with just an hour off for lunch.

I really hope it goes well.

This (year) also marks the start of “Season 3” of my time here. Journalism and Drama are going to be the focal points on the school side.

Apart from those developments, I come back to the blog off the back of a decent, relaxing holiday at home in Soweto. I even had a stint in Margate (a gorgeous corner of this country) for about a week during December.

Being at home for so long always seems to get me back in focus so I’m looking forward to a good year.

Tonight’s gig is the first of what I hope will be many at Rhodes this year. I really want to get better at this comedy thing and just keep writing better.

For now, just let me don my formal gear and head off to the midst of the mack. The Jazz Evening awaits.

Stay tuned…



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