Chosen for Comedy Central competition

One buzz of my phone morphed this week into one massive build-up.

At around 18:00 tonight, I got an SMS telling me I’d been chosen as one of two comics going head-to-head THIS WEEKEND for a spot in the next round of Comedy Central Africa‘s amateur stand-up comedy competition.

Huge. Just unbelievably massive.

The past week hadn’t been going to well on the personal front, so this news had me  completely floored.

I saw this tweet from the organisers when I logged in a few hours later:

The competition brings together eight (now nine, thanks to a tie a few weeks ago) comics who have been strutting their stuff at The Box – a weekly stand-up comedy showcase at the PopArt Theatre (Joburg) put together by Goliath&Goliath.

The aptly named company is the brainchild of comedy stars Jason Goliath and Donovan Goliath and the ultimate prize on offer is a slot on Comedy Central Africa Live At Parker’s on 26 June alongside some of the country’s top comic talents.

After each of these competition weeks, finalists will gather for the ultimate showdown on 2 June. This week I’m up against Farhan Esat (@jozifabio), who I’m sure is a quality act. From what I’ve been gathering, the level of proficiency is quite high.

Check out this promo vid:

It’s hardly Sunday yet, but I’m already buzzing at the prospects. I have no idea what lies ahead but, no matter what, the experience is likely to be beyond words.

Hoping it goes well

Stay tuned…



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