On to the next one

The work just rolls on.

It’s that time of the year when just about everyone has a formal event. Societies gather to elect new committees, hall balls aplenty and leavers’ dinners are being munched all over the place.

All of these, of course, demand some form of constant entertainment.

Cue the opportunities for MC work.

Third term at Rhodes is a goldmine of stand-up comedy and MC experience.

The previous weekend was a chance to host the Rhodes University Pharmacy Students’ Association (RUPSA) Spring Ball. I now cast my eyes over to Saturday’s Hindu Students’ Society (HSS) Cultural Show.

MC at the recent RU Talented show
Pic: Maricelle Gouws

The nice thing about MCing is that it’s not necessarily the extreme pressure of a stand-up set. It’s not a “You-are-here-to-make-us-laugh” scenario.

Given my recent struggles with the pen, I come to the events a lot more relaxed and knowing I can chuck the occasional joke just to lighten the mood or lift the energy of the room.

Back to last Saturday. I arrived at an impressively-decorated Great Hall to find a couple of early guests seated at their tables and filling the place with moderate chatter. This was going to be one of those events that got off to a late start. Not a bad thing, since it allowed me to get a real sense of the setting and map out where the jokes would slot into the programme.

The event was set to start at 7pm, but it only really got going once people were in and seated about half an hour later. It was quite dimly-lit. So much so that I was a mere silhouette with a microphone.

It felt relaxed and the entire evening passed by quite well. Some new jokes landed decently and I walked away feeling quite satisfied about the night’s work.

Working on the set at the RUPSA Ball
Pic: Robynne Peatfield

This week, it’s a return to the iconic Guy Butler theatre. The scene of one of my most memorable shows at last year’s HSS Cultural Show.

Back as MC of the same event, this time alongside Virgil Prins, I’m definitely looking forward to what I hope will be a great night. I have a few new jokes in the arsenal. One that I’ve never even touched on-stage so it should make for some nervy and interesting moments.

Let’s hope it all goes well.

Stay tuned…



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