Bigger than yours

I have a massive head.

It’s enormous.

You get used to it, though. I had to.

The downside is that I can’t wear hats because… well… they don’t fit.

Serious stuff: Tyson and his head
Pic: Cat Pennels

Even caps with those clicking size shifters aren’t enough. Remember them?

They had plastic clicking adjustment dots. You know how the larger heads stretch that clicking thing to the last dot?

Size adjuster at the back of a cap

Well I was on that last dot in grade 6!! If I wear that kind of a cap now I just have to let those adjustment flap things hang open. One size fits all? Yeah right. I’ve yet to find a “right fit”.

It’s like a progression. You get normal heads, biggish heads and then: “dude that’s just ridiculous” kinds. The last one is pretty much where I am.

Until recently, I had always thought that no hat maker would cater for a “what the heck is that size” kind of head. Oh how wrong I was. Turns out there are WEBSITES dedicated to those of us with generous head space.

The creators of definitely had some of us in mind when they decided to start their business. Big Head Caps dot com! I don’t know whether to cringe or chuckle in mild amusement.

“Sweet hat, Tyson! Where did you get this?”
“Huh? This? Um…. Big Head Caps dot com.”

Should make for interesting convo. Though I’ve got to say kudos to them for looking out for us big heads. Their tagline? “Big caps and big hats for big heads”.

Yes, mine is gigantic so I’ve had to adjust… to the scorching summer heat with nothing on my dome. Maybe I should just rock a towel on it in that weather. Then add a round, black bond on top to look like a keffiyeh from Arab cultures. And then some sunglasses with it.


A man wearing a keffiyer (headdress)

I’ve had to get used to the head, though. I noticed the slightly tougher struggle I had when putting on clothes in childhood. Squeezing my head through the tiny collars was the first sign.

I went to a boys’ high school so it was no-holds-barred from the word go. Every name you can imagine, I’ve been called that.

Head Boy, Head Office or just simply… “Jasas!”

Just some thoughts. I’ll be back soon with updates on the performance side of things.

Stay tuned…



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