Curtain call on Rhodes comedy

In the end it was a fitting finale to a period of sustained growth as a Rhodes student. Powerful, bittersweet moments that will linger in the memory for a long time to come. First up was the Nat Caf finale on 22 October. Unbelievable. A journey that started two years ago reached its conclusion for … Continue reading Curtain call on Rhodes comedy

On point with the improv

We are back! Our very own improvised comedy troupe here at Rhodes, Nat(urally) Caf(feinated), got back into the swing of things on 28 February. The Union Bar was packed to the rafters, thanks to some handy marketing by our new manager Ryan Napier and an audience that's really grown in leaps and bounds over the … Continue reading On point with the improv

Pieces of my shattered confidence

It was a night of struggle that will never be forgotten. Ladies and gentlemen, I can now loudly declare that I had my first true taste of dying here at Rhodes. I died so horribly at Champs last Thursday. Before we get into speculation about supernatural blog posting, let me just hint to the few … Continue reading Pieces of my shattered confidence

Improv comedy you should know

I play epic music when on deadline for assignments. Trust me: it helps. There's something unmistakably intense about The Last Samurai soundtrack blaring in your ears as your fingers dance across the keyboard, an assignment coming together right before your eyes. This week started off deceptively slow and ended in a bit of a blur. … Continue reading Improv comedy you should know

Seven hands of nervousness

A quick glance at the watch shows the time to be three minutes past seven. In the dark recess behind a growing audience at the Union Bar, seven hands extend and pile up in a hybrid knot. Hands belonging to an anxious collective of performers, each donning identical blue t-shirts. “On three,” he says.  Sure … Continue reading Seven hands of nervousness