On point with the improv

We are back!

Our very own improvised comedy troupe here at Rhodes, Nat(urally) Caf(feinated), got back into the swing of things on 28 February.

The Union Bar was packed to the rafters, thanks to some handy marketing by our new manager Ryan Napier and an audience that’s really grown in leaps and bounds over the course of 2012.

Nat Caf is looking sharper and stronger this year. Pic: Ryan Napier
Nat Caf is looking sharper and stronger this year. Pic: Ryan Napier

Also very encouraging was the way  the performance turned out from a comedy perspective. I was honoured to play host on the night and was incredibly proud to witness the sheer flair that the gang showed out there.

The audience has really been out of this world in showing support and, as we had hoped and dreamed in the beginning, people seem to have finally taken on the prospect of having improv comedy as a part of their entertainment agenda. They now know what we’re about and come out to check it out and have fun.

There were also a whole lot of new faces, which is a good sign for shows still to come.

Scenes were crisp, clear and had a definite arc; we were listening to each other and playing to the audience and it was just a night of mad fun and, considering that I had the chance to really observe from an MC’s perspective, I could definitely see the progress we’ve made as a collective.

Back again this Thursday at the same venue! Always such a scary prospect with improv. You never know what is going to turn up and how it all pans out.

Hoping for the best!

Stay tuned…



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