Back on Joburg comedy circuit

It’s been unbelievably long.

Since I posted on this blog; since I shared the latest on the personal front AND since I performed at any Joburg comedy venue!

This past Sunday was the first time since November 2009, I think.

Sure, there was the whole Comedy Central shindig in May/June last year – but that was more out of competitive obligation than a pure showing at a Joburg comedy venue.

Anyway, I was at Bean Republic in Melrose (fairly new comedy venue) courtesy of good friend and rapidly rising comic Virgil Prins! I’ve spoken about Prins before – back in our Nat Caf days (can’t believe that journey is over).

It was positive. The set was a delicate mix of tried and tested as well as a little new stuff. The crowd was small, which always poses the risk of muted laughter, but it still went quite well.

Stage is set (Pic: Mar ice/Flickr)
Stage is set (Pic: Mar ice/Flickr)

Also on the line-up was Stig, whose work I’ve followed for quite some time, Muzi – a comic with incredibly crazy ideas, Carmen – fairly new to the scene but with plenty of composure and wit as well as Mojak Lehoko, who I haven’t seen since one of my last appearances back in 2009!


Mojak has since grown unbelievably and I can safely call him one of the city’s foremost comics. His body of work includes Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola, numerous other TV gigs as well as his own pro one-man show.

Sifiso Nene, winner of the first So You Think You’re Funny came through to support and it was awesome meeting him and soaking up some of his knowledge.

Changes are afoot!

I’ll keep you in the loop and things just might change even on this here blog!

Exciting times!

Stay tuned…



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