Forward step for comedy coverage

It’s one small step for the blogosphere, one giant leap for comedy coverage in SA.


A new blog dedicated to all things comedy in South Africa. Exciting stuff.

Sorry for the absence over the last while… (internet access drama).

While this blog is more a personal diary and observations about comedy from a very individual perspective, the new website I’m talking about is aiming to position itself as the go-to place for what you may want to know about comedy.


Hysterics is a comedy news/feature blog that’s been up and running for the past couple of months. It’s headed by Warren Robertson, whose own site is already an interesting read.

I’m just gland that there’s an effort out there to establish a kind of one-stop site for all things related to gigs, interviews and just catching up with the peeps making moves out there.

I just hope that, in time, the folks will manage to get a strong foothold on things happening on most parts of SA and not just the major centres (Joburg/Durban/Cape Town).

I may not know much about the scene in other parts, but I think it would be great for them to put feelers out there.

On a more personal front, I’ve been making moves to secure an open spot at the famed Parkers Comedy and Jive (One of SA’s premier stand-up comedy venues). If it works out, it’ll be my first appearance on the joburg comedy circuit since November 2009!

Tyson at the Joburg Theatre a while ago
Tyson at the Joburg Theatre a while ago

Crazy, I know.

This past weekend, I was at Benoni City Hall, hosting a concert for Lesedi Church of Christ choir. After a really low-key start (really small audience), things really got going and it was a real test of grit.

It worked out, thankfully.

I’ll be keeping you in the loop.

Stay tuned…



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