Missed mission, hurdles ahead

It was supposed to be a big night of comedy.

All was set for an appearance at the Kimberly West Environmental Fashion Show on Saturday. A “home dining hall” event.

Probably the best crowd I could hope for since it was packed with familiar faces. It could have gone as swell as last year’s event.

Could have. Should have.

Until the flu slapped me sideways for most of the weekend. What a nightmare!

Eyes heavy, throat croaky and sinuses that buzzed like a weed-eater (that gardening contraption). My room was a minefield of used tissues and I survived on Pro-Vitas and cheese spread (the ones that come in foiled triangles).

Kept me alive: Pro-Vita

I couldn’t make it. I had to pull out of the show at midday. Bitterly disappointing and definitely doesn’t do well for the kind of reliability I’d like to build.

Down and out: flu victim

From what I gathered, the show was a roaring success, which is always great to hear. I know I had a complete blast last year and we have one of the craziest halls on campus so it’s no massive surprise.

Up next, though, is a first-time appearance at Champs Action Bar tonight. The cosy little corner in Grahamstown is putting together what I think is their first comedy show. Nat Caf is going to be there alongside some Rhodes talent. The slick wit of Virgil Prins, Illy Kulati’s roaring energy and the evergreen Tsepiso Nzayo are the other stand-up acts on the bill.

Step up to the mic

Seriously scary stuff. I haven’t done a proper set in a while. Completely new material so it all feels a bit raw. Let’s hope it goes well, though.

Also on the bill is RU Talented this Saturday and a charity dinner on Sunday night.

Stay tuned…



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