Mistaken Malva moment laid bare

Until a couple of days ago, I always thought it was “Melvin Pudding”.

Oh come on, that’s what I’d heard people say!

Friday night. I sat in my brother’s lounge, brimming with the itis (drowsy feeling after a big meal) that only a home-cooked creation can summon.

Melvin Pudding (according to Tyson)

So I tweeted about the glorious bowl of pudding I’d just polished. And so my misunderstanding was exposed. Laid bare for a chorus of mocking correctors. A massive backlash.

The tweet: “Melvin Pudding (-_-)… Is that even how u spell it? Ah, stuff it.. *munch* I just had it & it was great”.

Apparently it’s Malva pudding.

Really, now?

“But Melvin pudding sounds great. Like I’m having dinner with an old friend.”

When I suggested that, though, everyone quipped that it sounded more like my friend Melvin was the pudding itself.

Ever sang lyrics to a song that were SO not the actual lyrics? Then someone next to you either points out that the actual song says. Or maybe you only find out what the lyrics were YEARS down the line?

This was one of those moments. Except the feedback was instant. (And no one’s written a song about good old Malva).

Anyway, we’re back at Rhodes for the start of third term.

Plenty lined up on the comedy front. Gotta get back on that grind.

Stay tuned…



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