Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

I've just come back from the third performance of The Dark Ages at this year's National Arts Festival. By far the best of the lot until now. I've been in a bit of a weird head space in the weeks leading up to the festival and this bled into my initial performances for the show … Continue reading Comedy breakthrough at NAF17

Ayeye! On we go

It's full steam ahead on the comedy side as the recent Flatform theatre journey came to a close this past weekend. I'm looking forward to crafting more and more and will spend most of my weeknights  at Joburg's known comedy spots. Even if I'm not playing, there's always something instructive about being immersed in the … Continue reading Ayeye! On we go

The nudge I needed: hosting Kitchener’s comedy

It was supposed to be a simple stab at brand new material, but last night morphed into quite a great extended experience. I was at Kitchener's Carvery Bar in Braamfontein for New Material Night and was agonising over the structure of a couple of new jokes. I arrived slightly early, having come straight from a theatre rehearsal. … Continue reading The nudge I needed: hosting Kitchener’s comedy

Theatre, comedy on a roll

It's a busy start to 2017. Barely a month in and I'm back in the thick of  a rehearsal process for Flat(form) - a platform performance piece we've been cooking up since the latter months of 2016. Platform performance is essentially an entire play that takes place on a tiny platform - in our case … Continue reading Theatre, comedy on a roll