Gangnam Styling all the way

Every now and then, a song just creeps out of the woodwork and smashes everything in its path.

A song so bold in its flavour, so unbelievably punchy in its execution that it just grabs the world by the scruff of the neck and demands attention. Never in my life would I have imagined bumping to a South Korean pop-rap tune. Cue: PSY.

Korean Pop-rapper PSY braves the wind in his hit video.

At first encounter, you’d be forgiven for thinking “K-pop” has something to do with a sucker. Like it’s a Yogueta made in Kroonstad or something.


It’s Korean pop music and this guy (PSY) is representing hard! The video for his song Gangnam Style has been up for two months and has already attracted over 265million YouTube views. His signature “horse-riding dance” is just magnetic. So much so that I’ll admit to joining a bunch of strangers in doing just that this past Friday evening.

I just want to send a crazy shout-out to the kid that appears at about 23seconds. Look at his commitment! His expressions! Insane.

Check it out:


Will be back with more on the personal and comedy front.




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