Crushed! Take two of ad campaign

Hey! Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. This was the second in a series of ads shot as part of a cool Microsoft campaign. Kagiso Lediga is a marvel to work with in comedy and on set. I'd met him for the first time back in 2016 (on the comedy circuit) so it was really cool … Continue reading Crushed! Take two of ad campaign


Cupcakes and chuckles in new ad campaign

It's been a super exciting period working on a new ad campaign for Microsoft Windows 10. Shot in Joburg alongside Kagiso Lediga - one of SA's comedy heavyweights, I got to play the bumbling office nice guy who comes second best way too often. It was loads of fun making this and I love learning … Continue reading Cupcakes and chuckles in new ad campaign

No one wants to die

No comedian wants to die. No one. The worst possible prospect is to stand up there, mic-in-hand and watch as the thought you conceived as worthy of a cackle is met with a stony, ice-cold response. But it happens. And when it does, there are fewer things more excruciating. I can point to a few … Continue reading No one wants to die